Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management can be simply defined as ‘the systematic application of management policies, procedures and practices to tasks of identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating and monitoring risk’


Asset Risk Assessment & Report

The Security Risk Management process as detailed below ensures all identifiable risks are evaluated accompanied by cost effective recommended treatments and follow up if requested.


This report formulates the basis for all loss treatments and recommendations.

  • Establish the Context
  • Identify Risks
  • Analyse Risks
  • Evaluate Risks
  • Treat Risks

Security Management Professionals provides security and risk reviews in accordance with the Australian Standard for Risk Management AS/NZS ISO 31000:


Security Risk Management Consultancy

  • Encapsulating:
    • Security Risk Assessments including The Security Survey
    • Security Risk Audits
    • Security Reviews
    • Concept & Detail Design
    • Security Hardware & preventative barriers
    • Processes and Procedures
    • Concierge