Retail Profit Protection

Security Management Professionals offer a new approach to protecting the profitability of a business.


Retail Profit Protection encapsulates all profit generators and is encapsulated in all our profit protection strategies to deliver the required result.  Loss Prevention is not all about installing CCTV cameras and other preventative devices in the hope that all unknown losses will vanish. 


Profit Protection is all about identifying the root cause of ALL losses without relying on guess work.  A business only survives if all losses (known & unknown) are managed by professional and highly skilled Profit Protection Specialists and support Practitioners.


Profit Protection in a business environment reviews and analyses the following ALL profit generators:

  • Sales
  • Expenses
  • Gross/Net Profit
  • Losses (Shrinkage Known & Unknown)

By adopting a holistic approach to all categories of loss and identifying the root cause of the loss ensures that the shrinkage targets can be realised.


Another factor often influencing a desired profit result is directed to the competency of the Profit Protection Manager and what influence this position has in the business hieratical structure.


No longer can a Security, Loss Prevention or Profit Protection department claim immunity from contributing to a quantified dollar saving result  to a business.


Security Management Professionals offer comprehensive training programmes to ensure a business is getting the maximum benefit of savings through the security-loss/profit protection departments accompanied by a committed loss dollar savings.


The following are some of the products available either as a single component or package:


Profit Protection Services

  • Profit Protection Consulting     (Returning REAL dollars to the bottom line)  
  • Shrinkage Management           (Known & Unknown)
  • Investigations
  • Risk Survey & Audit
  • Merchandise Protection
  • Security Technology
  • Project Management


Profit Protection Training   (Individual & Group)


Employee Applicant Evaluation:  

  •  Pre employment checking
  • Resume verification
  • Criminal History Check
  • Position Suitability