About Us

Security Management Professionals Pty Ltd was founded on a firm foundation by two highly experienced security executives Eddy Sorokowski CPP and his colleague Gordon Latimer CPP.  Together their competencies and experience expand over ninety years.


The Company will offer a boutique security management product that will be built on the foundations of honesty, integrity, credibility, professionalism and mutual respect for our customers, contractors and employees.


  The Company will represent at all times quality products based on the desires of our clients and will be measured by express references of the client indicating services were ‘exceeded beyond expectations’.


To reinforce our quality product the company has achieved self accreditation of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and will apply for full accreditation to obtain the five ticks as a matter of priority.


 Our vision includes creating the Company as a model for a working environment where there will be a collegiate spirit, collaborative work environment, having fun, with respect for all employees as individuals; and work/life balance.


We focus on:

  • Implementing cost effective agreed strategies that can be quantified as an return on investment
  • A simple and practical approach to all projects
  • Providing easy to read reports and solutions
  • Providing the same value added service to all clients irrespective of the quantum of a project
  • Listening to the requirements of our customers and providing agreed cost effective solutions
  • ‘Thinking outside the square’
  • Utilising ‘best practice’ and Benchmarking as a foundation for risk analysis
  • Providing a service that can be measured by an agreed monetary amount
  • Internal performance disciplines as a self accredited  in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
  • Striving at all times in service delivery to customers ‘exceeding all expectations’
  • Available to our customers and potential clients twenty four seven
  • Employing highly qualified licensed  team members  and sub contractors to satisfy client needs